Titans Empire Builders International is a group of men and women with the sole purpose of venturing into real estate and home ownership business. To make this dream accessible to an ordinary Nigerian, we went in partnership with Economy Driver. (Our financial partner) and Perfection Betoniq International Development Company Limited (Our Builders) . We give everyone the opportunity to own their choice house in the most secured location around Nigeria with just a minimum payment of N44,888 which we will teach and show you a system that will enable you move in to your own house within 12 weeks of signing up with us. To know more and how you can be part of us, fill out your application form here.


The company is an integrated real estate development company that is blazing a trail in innovative housing development in Nigeria by using cutting-edge building technologies to build, construct, assemble, finish and deliver high-quality, durable and affordable houses. https://perfectionbetoniq.com

Perfection BETONIQ believes that the solution to Nigeria’s huge housing deficit of over 20 million units lies in the deployment of cutting-edge building technologies that can build and deliver houses as fast and expeditiously as possible.  With Nigeria’s population growing exponentially, the demand for affordable housing for the low-to middle income demographics will become more acute.  What is beyond any shred of doubt is that traditional brick and mortar construction method cannot produce and deliver houses fast enough to meet this surging demand. Terms and Conditions apply. To know more and how you can be part of us, fill out your application form here.


Empowered Consumerism is a leading Multilevel Marketing and Direct Selling Company with over 5 million distributors across the globe. Founded on the principle of changing lives through its remarkable products, proven compensation plan and charitable programs, the company has been delivering its promise for more than a decade now, as the results speak for themselves. With extensive experience as network leaders, their innovative spirit and visionary leadership, its Board of Directors has taken Empowered Consumerism from a simple local organization to an international enterprise and major industry-player that has improved the lives of millions.

It leads the industry with its stable business model and international growth opportunities. Because of its exceptional growth and exemplary attributes in conducting business, it has been recognized by several award giving bodies from the MLM industry and business sector. Empowered Consumerism continuously innovates and improves to meet industry expectations and standard. http://www.ec5.empoweredconsumerism.com/

Empowered Consumerism has poised itself to match the growing challenges in the market today by improving its infrastructure, adapting new technologies, satisfying distributor and customer needs and training network leaders for its growing international expansion.

Indeed, a remarkable character of a strong and stable company with a long term vision built on firm foundation. To know more and how you can be part of us, fill out your application form here.

Own Your Personal House Within 12 Weeks With Just N44,888

Titans Empire Builders International in partnership with Perfection Betoniq International Development Company Limited are giving Home in Ibeju Lekki, Festac Town, Ikorodu, Abuja, Owerri, Calabar, Asaba, Benue and many other location across Nigeria with down payment of N38,000 as you will be taught the payment system without touching your present income.

The Birth Of TEBI

This program was conceived by a young man named Engr. Jerry Onuokaibe, in his quest to implement what is obtainable in developed world. We know that mortgage system in Nigeria is not functional, in fact job insecurity in Nigeria makes it worse. So to solve this problem we went in partnership with a company where our people will use to generate money to pay for the houses.

We partner with AIM Global simply because of:

  1. Its Credibility and stability
  2. Its payment system (it pays daily)
  3. Its incentives which you will know about each of them when you start the business, one of such incentives is all expenses paid travel to Europe, Asia and USA
  4. They pay tax
  5. They are monitored by SEC
  6. The company is over 14th years in existence worldwide and over 8 years in Nigeria.

Our Building Infrastructures And Furnished Amenities Are:

  1. Internal road network completely paved
  2. Central Sewage
  3. Drainage system
  4. Mechanical and electrical works
  5. Electricity with optional solar power units
  6. Reticulated water supply
  7. Plumbing
  8. Refuse Disposal
  9. Street lighting
  10. Security
  11. Recreational facilities
  12. Landscaping
Advantages of Perfection Betoniq System over Traditional Construction
  1. High industry standard construction
  2. Excellent build quality and high production output
  3. Solid and robust building structure
  4. Enhanced acoustic properties
  5. Fire and water resistant buildings
  6. Well insulated and aerated buildings
  7. Less energy intensive and comfortable buildings and
  8. Zero long term maintenance of wall coatings