Financial Education Is All You Need To Be At the Top

financial literacy

It is becoming alarming how most people especially graduates know nothing about money.

The mindset most people have is to go to school, get best grades in order to get a good job and acquire the liabilities for the rest of their lives.

Many know nothing about what it means to be financially free, how can you then come to a place of financial freedom when you are invited since you know nothing about financial freedom? It is almost impossible to be financially secured without basic financial education.

Money is knowledge! Poverty thrives in ignorance!

We have inherited the mentality of slavery of having to work with a bribe called SALARY, only to retire when we are perceived to be old and unproductive.

You will never give full expression to your potentials if you live under a slave master MR JOB.


knowledge is your way to financial and most especially financial freedom.

Do not take the back seat this year, move from wishful thinking to action taking.

We at TEBI are ready to guide you in Real Estates business with a minimum lifetime start up capital of N44,888.

Excuse your excuses and stand headlong against your fear. Remember fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real and on the other hand, you can Face Everything And Rise.

If you are not happy with the fruits you are reaping now you have to change your seeding, remember you are where you are today as a result of your actions or inactions yesterday.

Join us as we work for a better future for ourselves, family and our generation.


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Beatrice Awak is an entrepreneur, she hold a Master Degree from Unilag. Beatrice has ventured into so many businesses while holding her job and met a fair share of fail businesses, but not deterred from the bad experiences she continue in search of a good venture before meeting Titans Empire Builders Int'l business. One thing strike her most when this business was first present to her. "Solving housing problem in Nigeria". You will agree with me that this is a great problem and to make money, you have to solve people's problem. Join me today let's solve housing deficit in Nigeria while building our wealth in Real Estate.

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