Are You Tired of Paying Rent?


You Are at The Right Place, Watch as We Walk You Through The Process of Owning Your Choice House In Your Choice Location

We’re glad to have you with us but before you go further, take a look at the testimonies from people that were shown this business just as you are seeing it now!

I am a young lady with great vision.growing up in midst of hardship,help me make a concious decision early in life to be financially independent. I was introduced to titans empire few months ago. My Passion for landed properties was the initial attraction and now financial freedom. I am not just making money in the company but also living my dream I can now comfortably foot my bills with money I generate from the company.and also a proud owner of 3 bedroom duplex in ibeju lekki. via Titans empire. Mary Efreso

This business was introduced to me via Facebook/Whatsaap, thru someone who I never met before but based on trust I believed in him and joined the business. Today, we have actually became great friends and family. I am excited to be part of this great company, Titans Empire Builders Int’l, which has given me the opportunity to have time and financial freedom and to be a home owner in Ibeju Lekki. I can’t wait to move into my house this year. Nkemmara Ify


  • Maximum of 2 legs (Binary System).
  •  Work at your own pace (no target).
  • Guaranteed return on your 38k investment.
  • No product purchases.
  • No compulsory monthly purchase.
  • Daily Payments directly to your bank account.
  • No building of PVs, MVs, etc etc
  • Unlimited earnings.
  • Leadership/getting to the Zenith with tangible results easily achieved.
  • Own home of your choice and move in within a short period.
  • Free entrepreneurship training and mentorship.
  • Free travel to USA, Europe and Asia.
  • Our first house delivery was in June 2019 where a family who joined us just for 7 weeks were one of the beneficiaries.

    You will join us with a minimum investment of N44,888

    Ways To Earn money in order to pay for the houses see the picture below 👇

    As means of welcoming you into the business, one our partners AIM Global will give you their souvenir for your personal use not for sell immediately after your registration.

    You will be required to connect 2 of your friends or family to the business. For each person you introduced to the business, the company pay you N4,500 referral bonus, and each time you have one person on your right and left, the company pays you N7,000. So when you join and connect 2 persons you will earn N16,000 without buying or selling.

    This is our 12 weeks projection when everyone who joined our system introduce 2 person each 👇

    You can earn this N7,000 up to 24 times per day when you have built your business to maturity, which will bring your daily, weekly and monthly income to this 👇

    See What Will Happen To You In One Year 👇

    No time frame, no maintenance, no buying or selling, no auto-ship for those of you that have done networking with a company that has products.

    To Qualify For The Houses

    When you have 20 people under your organization, you will be given provisional offer letter, these 20 people must not be brought directly from you. When you join our business, you are trained to connect at least 2 person who will duplicate themselves, so this 20 people must not directly be brought by you but through the duplication effort of the team.

    In this letter contains the house type chosen by you, the location chosen by you and the value of the house, then there will be a form in it which you will sign and return with your passport photograph authorizing the company to deduct 50% of your earnings after tax for the payment of the house.

    When you have paid 30% of the value of the house, you will be given the key to your house to either move in or rent it out, photocopy documents will be given to you while the original documents will be given when you have completed the payment. The wonderful part of this business is whatever package you choose, you only pay for it once. No more money will be required for you to succeed but your actions.

    If our 12 weeks projection gives you over N28m, it therefore means that you can have so many properties through this wonderful program.
    To join us today pay your N44,888 to the account below and send your proof of payment to the person who shared this business with you for your registration.